Cost of materials used?

The cost of the materials you will be using in this course, will calculate to a fraction of what the commercial substitutes would add up to.

You will be producing your own paints, decorative mouldings and moulds in which to reproduce mouldings, from raw materials.  That means cutting out production costs, packaging and the middle man. The materials are all inexpensive, unbranded and basic, like lime, powder pigment, plaster of paris, linseed oil, etc. Most of the time we buy from hardware stores and not art suppliers. We always go for the cheapest option. When you sign up, we assist you to locate suppliers in your area or online.

Paints can be made up in small or larger quantities and left overs can be stored for reuse.

The same applies for producing mouldings or you could plan ahead and use left overs for mouldings you want to apply to future projects.  

The purpose of producing your own moulds, is to reproduce as many mouldings as you'll possibly need,  at a minimal cost.  If you take good care of your moulds you can reuse them for many years.