East European Painted Pine Chest

Painted to the top and front with flowers, the interior with a candlebox, the underside of the lid with partly illegible pencil inscription

Can I make this?

FARRAGOZ: "Yes, no problem. The construction is very basic. I think it should be solid wood to show the grain. But you could do it in an MDF board that is stained dark. Work out the basic pieces you need and have that cut by your supplier. Cut out the feet detail with a jigsaw. Assemble with nails and glue or screws. File down the corners and places of heavy usage. Then start painting. By using homemade traditional paint like people did for hundreds of years before commercial paint was available, you will obtain a more authentic old look and feel than that of modern paint. Remember that the top would have worn at least 50% more than the sides. To personalise it, work your initials into it. Do some research on what chests like this were used for. Having a story in your head helps you to get a feel for the patina that you want to recreate. Most of all, enjoy it."