Country French Kitchens

Country French Kitchens inspires you how to incorporate organic beauty, local materials and simple but elegant charm, into the heart of the home-the kitchen.
This book provides practical strategies for translating authentic Country French style into the kitchens of those living outside the boundaries of France, where farmhouses and rural simplicity generate the most prevalent sentiment for Country French ambiance. Country French Kitchens is an indispensable resource for those seeking the design, architectural and inspirational elements that can only be found across the pond. Explains the fundamentals and philosophy of country French style and how to translate it into your own kitchen. Captions describe products used and how each shot captures the style. Detailed resource section provides contact information for designers, architects, builders, decorative artists, appliance manufacturers, and more. Country French continues to be one of the most popular design styles. Chapters Include: Fundamentals Style Joie de Vivre Texture Art and Antiques Carolina Fernandez's writing has appeared in over one hundred published articles and stories, both online and in print media as well as in her first book, Rocket Mom!, numerous anthologies, such as the million-plus bestselling "Chocolate Series" by Kay Allenbaugh. Her advice can be found in her weekly Rocket Mom! Newsletter, which is distributed to thousands of readers in all five continents; in magazine articles, like Parenting and Redbook; and through syndicated columns on the Internet.