Renaissance Pilasters with Entablature

The skill of a master cabinetmaker is mesmerising - watch the video.


"Architecural framing of a niche based on pilasters with base and capital holding a Entablature with Dentil and Egg-and-dart ornaments. The desig is my own but of course it is based on classical elements from the Renaissance period. The whole structure is custom built to suit the rather large niche in a wall section. 
To see the making of the separate ornamental parts have a look at the following videos:
Carving a female face -
Carving a grotesque mask -
Carving a grotesque pattern -

The ornaments have been carved in Lime wood and then gilded with metal leaves. The pilasters are also constructed entirely in wood and then after a few layers of gesso they have been marbleized and had some of its details gilded. 

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