What Students are Saying about the Course

The comments left by FARRAGOZ students are heartwarming to say the least!

"I am having so much fun with this course and especially learning how to layer paint to get an aged look. The DIY paints and stains are easy to make and cost less than the commercial ones." ~ S.C.


"I will always have deep respect for you for all that you have given me in this class! You have already changed my life and I am only on module 2." ~ G.H.


"... the customer service is one of the best I have seen." ~ S.C.


"Many thanks to you and your wonderful, thorough and well thought out course." ~ A.W.


"This course has unleashed my creative juices and now I am hungry for more." ~ V.N.


"I just loved the WHOLE process! It is definitely addicting. Your instructions are very complete and extremely easy to follow." ~ J.L.


"... taking the course and loving every minute I spend working on improving painting skills. The patinas you can achieve are out of this world - or maybe old world!" ~ S.C.


"I loved making each and everyone of the modules. Thank you so much for compiling such wonderful projects." ~ V.N.


"Thanks so much, you're a great teacher!" ~ C.K.


"It has been fun learning to make my own gesso, paints and stains and it is amazing how simple and inexpensive they are." ~ S.C. 


"I am loving the Farragoz course." ~ R.B.


"Wonderful tutorial, you explain everything so well, and the music is very soothing. I feel like I'm right in the studio taking a class. Thanks so much." ~ M.W.


"I really enjoyed the first module. I learned so much!!!" ~ C.R.


"Thanks so much! I thought the instructions were very easy to follow and I love working with the milk paint." ~ S.C.


"I have truly enjoyed being your student and will be eternally grateful for all that you have taught me Tania. Anyone considering this class needs to take a leap of faith and sign up today.  It is worth every penny and more!" ~ G.H.


"I am so happy with the results." ~ S.C.


"... attending art school was something I had always wanted to do way back, when I was much younger. This online course is truly fulfilling my dream of what it would have been like." ~ L.V.


"... the process was so much easier than I expected and the results were better than I expected. I want to do another one (Icon) soon!" ~ L.W.


"I am already coming up with Ideas to put some of these paint mixes in other projects thank you" ~ A.B.


"I love this course so much~having so much fun." ~ J.L.


"The techniques you learn along the way are like an arsenal. Every phase I finish sends the wheels spinning. I have about a dozen ideas percolating." ~ R.B


"Thank you so much for your guidance on this Tania. It was such an awesome learning experience and I am looking forward to my next project." ~ L.V.


"I have to say, I'm having fun with this. I'm already using the techniques on some of my redesigns, including gesso made with an old world recipe." ~ R.B.


"... my instructor provided such valuable guidance and support all along each phase of my project." ~ L.V.


"... your course has been such fun and a much needed distraction for me" ~ S.C.


"... your course has been such fun.."