Doing your bit for the planet with home made paint

Founding partner and tutor of FARRAGOZ Online Courses in the Art of Patina, Tania Rossouw, shares her thoughts on how to help save the planet by cutting down on waste through making your own paint. 

"I used to paint furniture with modern paint. I used to have a storeroom filled with tins from previous jobs. Most of it ended up being thrown away. It was either the wrong colour or the wrong odour. This bothered me to no end. Every time I tossed another tin of hardened paint in the bin, I could hear my grandfather: 'Waste not, want not.' - words I so often heard him utter when I was a child. He lived through the Great Depression and his frugal ways made a huge impression on me. He was a recycler and up-cycler long before these words existed to me and not because he had to, but because he found it challenging. I believe he instilled in me an urge to see the potential in a discarded object, to create something out of nothing and to value simple things.

Since I've started making my own paint, things have changed - a lot. These days I have a cupboard with dry materials and a fridge with wet supplies. Leftovers are mixed together to make dark base coats. Or I use them on odd small pieces that need several coats of different colours. I have less than 3% wastage. I'm sure my grandfather would have approved.

I now also have access to any colour imaginable, not just the ones on the colour chart. I can create colours in the middle of the night ..." see the full story HERE