How the FARRAGOZ Patina PLATES Course (Collection1) works

The FARRAGOZ Patina PLATES Course is a short, fun hobby course in which students will learn to upcycle old plates to decorative plates, using decoupage methods and traditional recipes for homemade glue, paint and sealer.

In this course, you will be upcycling 9 small plates. These plates can even be broken plates that were glued together because once completed they will be entirely covered in paper.

The process is really simple and very cheap. All the steps are worked out in the finest detail. You just need to follow along and go through the process one plate at a time. You always know what to do next so even if you take a break, it is very easy to start again.

You start by printing the artworks, followed by making the glue, pasting the artworks, mixing the watercolour paint yourself in tiny quantities with no wastage and painting the colours one at a time, sealing your plates and finally taking a beautifully styled photo. Every plate gets a label on the back with the artist's name, the date and the place it was painted.

You will have access to a support group where you and other students can use text chat to ask questions, leave comments and share your work. 

The aim of this course is that you have fun upcycling the plates and in the process, learn a few very valuable techniques and hopefully discover a new way of looking at traditional paint. Making your own materials often sounds daunting for most people, but this will show you how easy and economical it can be, using basic everyday ingredients, with the most authentic looking results as a bonus.