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Founding Partner of FARRAGOZ, Tania Rossouw, is very passionate about what she does. As one of the creative forces behind the online course, she has an affinity for authentic old painted furniture and patina.  With an interior design background, several years experience in framing, frame production and art gallery work, coupled with a love for history and antiques, she has been involved in countless revamps of furniture pieces for both private clients and interior shops for over 20 years.

Ever the perfectionist with an eye for detail and an if-you-want-something-done-properly-you-need-to-do-it-yourself outlook on life, she has always aspired to creating "brilliant forgeries".  Not being able to achieve the desired look with commercial paints and having allergic reactions to them, she started looking at alternatives. This led to a lot of research and experimenting over the years.

Having finally perfected the recipes and techniques she searched for, it was decided to share them with others in the form of a course. Together with husband Johan, also a designer with a furniture restoration and art history background, who in the last few years has focused on web design, she designed the FARRAGOZ Online Course.

The couple's 17 year old son, Sebastian, who shares his mother's critical eye and father's technical and analytical abilities, often has to pitch in to help. They spend most of their time in a small seaside village on the South Western Coast of South Africa, Paris and the Auvergne in the French countryside.


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Middlevlei, PO Box 289, Hermanus, 7200, South Africa