Decorative painted wooden panel at Musee Carnavalet in Paris

Spotted this beautifully aged blue barn door at Jax in the Auvergne, France.

Drawing inspiration from nature's pink patina to create an authentic looking finish on wood, using handmade paint.

Painted figure of a praying woman in the small church in Chilhac, Haute-Loire, France.

Constantly collecting and photographing interesting vintage and antique objects to study their patina.

These are a few of my favourite things ~ papier mâché bowl, coral, horn, skull and letter "R" cut, painted and distressed to shabby perfection, using homemade casein paint from the FARRAGOZ Online Courses.

Frame detail of a painting by Fragonard, at the palace of Versailles

FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course - Module Trumeau Mirror.  In this module, you will expand your woodworking skills even further and learn how to produce moulds for reproducing decorative mouldings and how to age mirror glass. You will also learn how to apply and distress casein paint in such a way that it will have a flaky finish.  At the end of this Module, you will be the proud owner of a beautiful over-mantle Trumeau style mirror like the one in this image. 

After all these years, I still find infinitely more pleasure from searching markets and attics for possibilities to transform, than looking at real antiques. For one thing, centuries old antiques are generally out of my price range, but mostly, as beautiful as they may be, I see them as reference and research. For me, the challenge does not lie in acquiring antiques, but in creating something from nothing.

If you are dying to recreate that old crusty, chippy paint look of antique painted furniture on brand new pieces, but can't figure out how, then this is for you.

Learn how to emulate patina of antique painted furniture, using FARRAGOZ recipes and techniques. More details HERE.

Found this stenciled image of a bee on a French green painted wooden gatepost at the entrance of the apiary in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. 

This little Jeanne d'Arc statue stands in the church in Chilhac, France.

These are a few of my favourite things!
Bringing me joy and inspiration - Old oils on canvas, books, pewter, dried pomegranates, geraniums, FARRAGOZ patina paint sample board F141 from our Online Patina FINISHES Course.

This wonderful patina finish was created by FARRAGOZ Online Student, Jan Hetherington at Hether & Grabchyk. See more beautiful authentic looking finishes recently created by some of our students in this short video ~

Small grey details in our studio. By signing up for the FARRAGOZ Online Course in the Art of Patina, you can learn how to make and reproduce ornaments like this face, to apply on furniture and frames.

Spotted this beautiful crest in an antique shop on the Quai Malaquai in Paris.