Learn how to emulate patina of antique painted furniture, using FARRAGOZ recipes and techniques. More details HERE.

This is Candace Tillman's version of Patina Paint Finish F122. It is 1 of 26 finishes that she's been recreating as a student of the FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Course and we simply love it!

This is a close-up of a nightstand that Cherie Gordon recently painted using recipes and techniques from the Online FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Course. Don't you just love it?

FARRAGOZ ~ Online Courses in the Art of Patina.

More finishes by FARRAGOZ students at https://zurl.co/m8Ovx

Insider Tips on How-To create a French grey patina on wood using inexpensive homemade paint.

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A Cassone is a large marriage chest that was one of the trophy furnishings of rich merchants and aristocrats in Italian culture.  These beautifully painted and gilded works of art were given to a bride by her parents as their contribution to the wedding. It was filled with the personal goods of the bride and placed at the foot of the bed in the bridal suite.

Layers and layers of patina in soft greys ~ Angel Plaque from FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course, Trumeau painted and distressed using traditional recipes and methods from FARRAGOZ, Pewter Objects, Tarnished Metal Stencils, Shells and Feathers.

This FARRAGOZ Moodboard was created using the sample board of Finish F176. Learn to create this finish in the FARRAGOZ Online Patina FINISHES Course.

We love Sandrine Singleton's painted frame! She created this gorgeous patina using the methods and recipes of paint finish F133 in the FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Online Course.

This exquisite patina paint finish was recreated by Hayley Justice, following the step-by-step instruction and videos to FARRAGOZ Paint Finish F307.

Before its make-over, this hand painted display cabinet was a lot smaller, missing some of its cornice mouldings and was covered in a lot of varnish. See how it was transformed here, using the FARRAGOZ methods.

" One of the top lots of the sale is certain to be a finely, decorated blanket chest attributed to Johannes Rank of Dauphin (now Lebanon) County, Pennsylvania. Dated 1791, the poplar case is adorned with its original blue paint decoration and three tombstones, each with pots of flowers.  Though similar to the work of other members of the Rank-Selzer families of makers and decorators, this chest is most closely related to the signed chests of Johannes Rank and carries an estimate of $ 16,000-22,000.  " 

FARRAGOZ paint finish in greys and charcoals.

The shaped faux marble-painted top above a serpentine front with two doors painted with architectural vignettes, on bracket feet, redecorated

Centered by two putti sharing a secret while another sips from a wine goblet enclosed by floral boughs while seated on a pillow form cloud.
height 46 1/2in (118cm); width 62in (157.5cm) Estimate: US$ 4,000 - 6,000
£2,600 - 3,900
€3,000 - 4,600

The box in the corner depicts a scene of Venice. We have had this for ages. Other images of objects in chipped gold and creams. Always be on the look out for unique objects. It is quite easy to give them an age old feel, using FARRAGOZ recipes and techniques.

Drawing inspiration from nature's pink patina ~ Shells and other objects found on the beach.

Simply love the colour and patina of the flaking paint on this building which I spotted in Le Puy-en-Velay, France. 

Nature's beautiful way of adding patina ~ Montmartre, Paris.

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FARRAGOZ offers 2 online courses in the art of patina that will teach you how to make your own inexpensive milk paints, oil paints, tempera, primer, gesso and much more. We will inspire and guide you with step-by-step instructions and videos on how to make, apply and distress these to create exquisite patina on wood like a master artisan. No expensive branded products are used in these courses.

Nature's beautiful way of adding patina ~ Le Puy, Auvergne, France

Shutters covered in old pale pink paint in Le Puy, Auvergne, France.