Old doors, shutters and verandas with patina

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21 Sep

Old doors, shutters and verandas with patina

Click the image to see the gallery with authentic patina on old painted doors, windows, shutters and verandas.

An old enclosed veranda I spotted in Bakuriani. Just look at how beautifully the wood has weathered to create a natural patina.

Delightful fretwork detail of an old veranda in Bakuriani, Georgia.

I find these traditional wooden houses in Bakuriani, and neighbouring rural villages, both intriguing and charming. Besides the wonderful patina that nature has so effortlessly bestowed upon them, their architecture is rather unique. Wood is the predominant building material and while the main log structure is robust and masculine, the verandas with their decorative fretwork, have a more feminine appearance. I love the contrast.
These doors which caught my eye in Tbilisi, bear several things I love about Georgia – beautiful designs carved in wood, fabulous natural patina created by time and the grapes that I enjoy so much whether they’re eaten fresh or served as local wine.

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