Abandoned Buildings in Georgia

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27 Feb

Abandoned Buildings in Georgia

Abandoned soviet sanatoriums and other disused and discarded old buildings in the country of Georgia (Sakartvelo). More about discovering the abandoned villas of Mtsvane Kontskhi on the Black Sea @ https://zurl.co/F4P2 and the derelict Surb Nshan in Tbilisi @ https://zurl.co/rmgY

This one winked at me through the trees while I was traveling on the little Kukushka train between Bakuriani and Borjomi. Apparently, it’s an abandoned school. I would love to get closer to this old beauty. I have a feeling she has a lot of patina to share with me.
Layers of timeworn paint, along with the moss growing in its cracks, have created a most wonderful patina on the walls of one of the old abandoned mansions in Mtsvane Kontskhi near Batumi.
The beautiful patina of the decaying abandoned Armenian Church, Surb Nshan, in Tbilisi.
Some of the exquisite patina treasures at the abandoned Surb Nshan in Tbilisi.
A close-up of the magnificent details and patina at the abandoned Surb Nshan in Tbilisi.
A close-up of the abandoned Surb Nshan Church of the Holy Seal in Tbilisi.
Abandoned building in Borjomi, Georgia.
Abandoned building in Chugureti, Tbilisi.

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