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2 Mar

Antique Door Handles

Click to see the best old door handles in the country of Georgia (Sakartvelo).

I found this in the old Kala neighbourhood of Dzveli Tbilisi
Fabulous old door handle with patina in Kutaisi, Georgia.
My heart skipped a beat when I came across this beautiful old faded blue door with all its crusty patina and gorgeous door handle in Tbilisi’s historic Chugureti neighbourhood.
This old door handle is one of several like it at the Tbilisi Silk Museum.
Admiring old weathered things like this door with its beautiful hardware and flaking original paint, gives me a deeper sense of connecting with history than looking at a newly restored piece in perfect condition from the same era.
Whenever I go out to photograph the oldest neighbourhoods of Tbilisi, I always return with hundreds of photos of marvelous old gems like this brass door handle and magnificent patina.

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